Upcoming OTP Challenge!!

Starting on July 1st I'll be doing a writing otp challenge with 5 different ships: •  Malec (Magnus+Alec from Shadowhunters) •  Solangelo (Nico+Will from the Percy Jackson books) •  Klance (Keith+Lance from Voltron Legendary Defender) •  Nashur (Nic+Ashur from Morgan Rhodes Falling Kingdoms) And as an extra, Wahnli (from my Instances of Ward Ashiel Dashby). … Continue reading Upcoming OTP Challenge!!

Resurfaces Memories, A Harry Potter Fanfic

Resurfaced Memories: Kingdom: Harry Potter For: Ingrid “It’s been 10 years, Harry. You couldn’t have changed anything that happened; you can’t keep blaming yourself for what happened,” Hermione said quietly, a worried look on her face. Ron nodded earnestly. “Hermione’s right, mate.” Harry stared back, silent, before the new Hogwarts. It was the same as … Continue reading Resurfaces Memories, A Harry Potter Fanfic